Nicolas Malinowsky: death and the afterlife

“La vie aprés la mort” è stata la prima mostra solista di Nicolas Malinowsky, un artista francese che lavora a Pargi come graphic designer.

Vi posto qui la descrizione della mostra:

“The show looks at the contemporary terms of heritage and transmission by building on a rather specific event. While browsing a second hand shop, the artist came across a wide-ranging ensemble of objects stemming from a deceased person. The original batch was largely made of books and vinyl records that reflected a pronounced interest in world culture and art. Over a certain period of time, Nicolas Malinowsky bought many of these objects without knowing that they all came from the same person. When he later found out, he realised these objects had much to say about this person’s life, passions and perhaps travels.

“This man must have been very knowledgeable and well-travelled. He may well have been an anthropologist, or at least a genuinely humanistic person, someone with a passion for the world, particularly India, the Ottoman world and Central America. Most of his books contain lavish illustrations and some of the records are rare research editions. He must have spent much of his time building up his collection before it landed between a frying pan and a discounted porcelain figurine at my local second hand store. I wanted to honour this man after meeting him in such an odd posthumous way”.

“Knowing that he was a music lover, I worked from both image and music-based elements – I am influenced by the practice of sampling, which combines, reworks or even redefines the legacies left by previous musical generations. I hope that he will somehow appreciate this afterlife tribute”.

Just like a classic early 90s Hip Hop album, “La vie après la mort” combines rare samples ranging from music to iconography. Each piece also draws on Nicolas Malinowsky’s own inspirations which include science, mysticism and surrealism. Thus, the show provides an illustration of how the past, past objects and cultural legacies are understood, read, consumed and shared in contemporary social practice.”


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